Disable/Enable Any application using a easy access launcher. This application need ROOT to disable applications

This is an Open Source version of IceBox App

With Disabler you can have all your preferred apps in a tabs like launcher with the option to disable/enable any application

* Add any applications( System or user)
* create tabs to order your applications (mutlples tabs allowed)
* Disable/Enable any application
* Global buttom to enable/disable applications
* Auto disable when screen off
* Change Icons Sizes
* … More

* Find a way to disable app without root
* Icons Theme support

Source Code : https://github.com/aceventura82/AppsDisabler

XDA Thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-disabler-app-to-easily-disable-app-t4121581

F-Droid Link:


Direct APK Download V1.21 : Download


9 Replies to “App Disabler”

  1. I have seen another open source app similar to yours, https://github.com/FreezeYou/FreezeYou, maybe you’d like to have a look at it. Besides, one suggestion to your app: in the list selecting which apps to be added in launcher (I mean the screen after clicking the symbol of three bars with a tick), system apps are displayed in red while user apps are in white, but if a system app is selected to add, the font turns to white, which may mislead people, so please keep that in red; or add filters to see all disabled apps so that some system apps disabled by mistake would get recovered easily.

    1. HI,

      I been looking the Shisuku API before, but could not find any good documentation out there
      I will look at adb Shell and the FreezeYou App


      1. Devs of Shizuku has updated their guide for developer https://github.com/RikkaApps/Shizuku/blob/master/README.md, maybe useful for you. If needed, you can take a look at some open source apps using it such as SAI (can be found on F-Droid) and Blocker (https://github.com/lihenggui/blocker).

        Unfortunately, FreezeYou! has no English document yet, but it has an English UI and if you have any question, it’s welcome to ask the author. Adb shell is mainly used to grant critical system permissions, and some apps may even use it to set as device admin apps, which have more power to control packages installed on device.

        Best wishes.

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